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Madison K. Black, RN, BSN

Madison K. Black, RN, BSN, is a promising registered nurse who attends to patients at Swedish Medical Center First Hill in Seattle, Washington, which she joined in 2016.  Madison’s professional experiences have enriched her nursing practice, inviting compassionate, empathetic care. Her professional journey spans one year and her areas of expertise cover all facets of orthopedic nursing. Orthopedic nursing is a nursing specialty focused on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. “I believe nursing is an incredibly important responsibility that cares for people’s bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits. My mission is to bring loving, compassionate, and holistic nursing care to each patient I encounter. I have gained extensive experience through my clinical rotations as well as my previous work experience with in-home care”, says Madison. For more information about Madison K. Black, RN, BSN, please visit: www.linkedin.com/in/madison-black-705988119.